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Nerve Conduction Study

A nerve conduction study is a special kind of examination administered to people who may have nerve damage. By measuring how long it takes an electrical signal to travel along a nerve, physicians can monitor its effectiveness and overall health. Because we treat various forms of pain, including hard-to-treat nerve pain, Pain Care utilizes nerve conduction studies to understand the damage caused by an infection, diabetes, or other conditions in our patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area.

Pain Care’s experienced physicians perform a non-invasive nerve conduction study by simply placing electrodes on the skin around the potentially damaged nerves. Then, farther up the nerve, they send a small electrical signal down the pathway, measuring how long it takes to reach the target nerves. Because this procedure doesn’t involve bruising or soreness, there’s no downtime involved for the patient. Plus, it allows our physicians to understand the scope of any nerve damage and to tailor their treatments to suit a given patient’s diagnosis.

Some of the best advantages of turning to any of Pain Care’s Atlanta, Georgia, locations for a nerve conduction study include:

  • Our physicians can effectively examine, diagnose, and treat our patients without having to refer them to outside providers.
  • Our physicians also have years of experience and specialize in pain management, so they have the knowledge to help with even the most stubborn pain.
  • We can typically schedule patients for an appointment within 48 hours of first receiving a phone call or email.

If you’d like to learn more about Pain Care’s nerve conduction study capabilities or any of our other methods of diagnosing and managing pain, contact us today. We’re here to help people living in and around Atlanta, GA.

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