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Joint Pain


Joint Pain Treatment

Joint Pain

Joint pain can be a debilitating condition that keeps people from working, performing household tasks, and from enjoying their favorite pastimes. At Pain Care, we specialize in managing and treating chronic pain conditions so that our patients can return to their active lives without constantly aching. Our board-certified pain management physicians provide individualized treatment plans for people in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area so we can achieve the goal outlined in our motto – Regain life. Restore function. Renew hope.

We treat pain in every major joint of the body, from the shoulders to the knees. Our physicians specialize in addressing spinal joint conditions, including the inflammation of the neck and back joints. We begin by identifying the problem and its underlying causes, and we take each patient’s individual concerns into account when designing a treatment plan. In many cases, joint pain treatment consists of some combination of medication, physical therapy, exercise, and lifestyle changes. However, we do offer minimally invasive joint procedures to help our Atlanta area patients who haven’t found relief through other means.

Our physicians can perform several outpatient procedures to address joint pain, including:

  • Steroid injections into the shoulder, sacroiliac joint (where the spine and hip bone meets), or hip joint
  • Fluoroscopic-guided injections for knee pain
  • Facet joint injections to alleviate pain in the joints of the spine
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy to disrupt pain signals sent by nerves surrounding the damaged spinal joints

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to joint pain treatment, contact Pain Care today. You can also request an appointment either by phone or via our online form, knowing that you’ll get a quick response. In most cases, we can see patients at our Atlanta, GA, area offices within 48 hours of an appointment request.

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