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Shoulder Joint Injection


Shoulder Injection Treatments

Shoulder Joint Injection

Although a shoulder injection might not be the first line of treatment for most people who are dealing with pain from repetitive use injuries, it can be a good option for pain relief. At Pain Care, we believe in taking a well-rounded approach to pain management for our patients. When people visit any of our offices in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area with acute or chronic shoulder pain, our physicians consider conservative treatment options and minimally invasive surgery options to give patients the chance to avoid invasive surgery if at all possible. That’s why we offer shoulder injection procedures.

Pain Care physicians follow this procedure for each shoulder injection:

  • Preparing the shoulder – The shoulder area is cleaned and a local anesthetic injected into the tissue to numb the area.
  • Fluoroscopy – In some cases, the physician places a needle in the shoulder and injects a contrast dye solution into the joint. Then, the physician can use a fluoroscope (a type of X-ray machine) to visualize the joint and ensure that needle is placed properly within the joint.
  • Medication injection – Once the needle is in place, the physician injects a combination of anesthetic and steroid medications into the joint. This mixture reduces the inflammation and pain in the shoulder.
  • Recovery – Following the shoulder injection, the physician applies a small bandage over the injection site.

In many cases, the relief from the injection isn’t immediate, but it begins within a few days of the procedure. Some of our Atlanta patients require more than one shoulder injection to feel extended pain relief. In this case, two or three injections are delivered several weeks apart.

To find out more about our shoulder injection treatment procedure and the other options that we offer for people in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area, contact Pain Care today.

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