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Patient Testimonials

We asked some of our patients to share their personal experiences with Pain Care.

Patient Brenda

After going through an incredibly long journey and on the edge of losing hope, Brenda decided to take a chance on Pain Care. Hear about her experience working with Dr. Galan and why she would recommend Pain Care to anyone who is suffering.

Patient Douglas

Douglas had to do something about his pain, but was worried about being on pain medication when you too often hear stories about people having addiction issues. Learn why he believes Pain Care gives him the best care possible, treats him like family, and has helped him find relief.

Patient Dinah

Hear from a Military spouse who has been to many pain management doctors throughout the country and says Pain Care & Dr. Galan has exceeded her expectations.

Patient Faye

Faye had a lot of apprehension about seeking help with her chronic neck & back pain. Hear how she believes Pain Care has completely changed her quality of life for the better and how much she has loved working with Dr. Chang.

Patient Troy

After having an accident trying to repair his roof, Troy began a long journey of recovery and managing his pain. Hear why he believes Pain Care is different from other practices and why he personally has been able to benefit from cutting-edge technology with dorsal root ganglion stimulation.

Meet Our Doctors

Get to know our Pain Care Physicians and hear why they have a true passion for helping their patients.

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