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Epidural Steroid Injection


Epidural Steroid Injection Procedures: One of the Many Pain Management Options Provided by Pain Care in the Metro Atlanta, GA, Area

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection can be an effective way to address the pain and other symptoms associated with a pinched nerve in the neck or the lower back. Many underlying conditions can lead to a pinched nerve, ranging from a herniated disc to a bone spur jutting out from a vertebra. The experienced, board-certified physicians at Pain Care can help patients in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area by diagnosing the cause of a pinched nerve and managing the symptoms it can cause. One method that our physicians may recommend is a steroid injection.

As a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, an epidural steroid injection is relatively quick, and it has the potential to reduce pain and inflammation of the affected nerve at the site. When any of our Atlanta, GA, area patients receive such an injection, our physicians follow this procedure:

  • The patient lies on his or her stomach and may be sedated for the procedure.
  • The area in question (neck or lower back) is numbed with an injection of local anesthetic.
  • Using live X-ray imaging called fluoroscopy, the physician carefully positions a needle at the site of the nerve impingement and injects a contrast dye.
  • The contrast dye makes it easier to read the images seen on the fluoroscope, and the physician can then ensure that the needle is placed at the proper spot.
  • A solution of steroid and anesthetic medication is injected into this area, allowing it to absorb the anti-inflammatory medication and reduce swelling. Decreased swelling often alleviates the pressure on the nerve and relieves symptoms.

Although some people feel a reduction in pain after a single injection, patients may be given an epidural steroid injection once every few weeks (up to three times) to find relief. Following the procedure, a bandage is placed on the injection site, and the patient recovers from the sedation before they are allowed to go home with a friend or loved one to drive them.

To learn more about epidural steroid injection procedures, or about any of the other pain management methods that we offer for people living in the Metro Atlanta area, contact Pain Care today.


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