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Facet Syndrome


Facet Syndrome Treatment Assistance for People Living in Metro Atlanta, GA & All Surrounding Areas

Facet syndrome is a condition that affects the joints of the spine. Each vertebra has two joints connecting it to the next, and they allow the spine to twist and bend as necessary. However, the cartilage that lines these joints and keeps them moving easily can become damaged over time. Because of the stresses experienced by the spine during everyday movements like walking or lifting objects, the cartilage can wear down due to injuries or simply due to old age. In this way, facet syndrome can lead to pain at the site, as well as bone spur growth, which can cause problems of its own by pinching nerve roots.

At Pain Care, a provider of acute and chronic pain management care in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, we understand the complexity of facet syndrome and its associated problems. That’s why we offer patients who have or think they may have this condition the careful diagnosis, a range of treatment options, and the compassionate care for which we’re known.

Our highly experienced physicians know that every patient who comes into one of our Atlanta area offices is different and will require a personal approach to addressing this condition. Generally speaking, however, our recommended facet syndrome treatment may consist of any or all of the following conservative therapies:

  • Applying heat and/or cold to the affected area
  • Taking medications to combat inflammation
  • Maintaining an exercise regimen
  • Doing physical therapy

For patients with more severe or stubborn pain, we can administer nerve blocks to ease the pain in affected joints. Certain people may also find that our minimally invasive surgical procedures could be a good treatment option for their needs.
If you’d like to learn more about the facet syndrome treatment options that we offer and how they may be able to help you manage your symptoms, contact Pain Care today.

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