Degenerative Disc Disease


Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Options for Patients in the Metro Atlanta, GA, Area & All Neighboring Communities

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is a misnomer – it’s not really a disease, but rather a nickname for the normal deterioration of the structures of the spine as we age. Over time, the discs that typically cushion the bones of the spine can shrink, become less flexible, and even bulge or tear due to repetitive stress. In many cases, this progressive deterioration occurs without symptoms. However, if a bulging or herniated disc pinches a neighboring nerve root in the spine, it can lead to pain at the site and travelling symptoms that run down the affected nerve. That could mean that degenerative disc disease that occurs in the spine can cause pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and burning sensations in the shoulders, arms, hands, hips, thighs, legs, or feet. For people in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area who have or suspect that they have a degenerative spine condition, Pain Care is ready to help. Our aim is to help people manage all kinds of chronic pain, including nerve pain, through noninvasive and minimally invasive means.

At Pain Care’s locations in the Atlanta area, we want to give our patients hope that they can return to their lives with improved function, even if their degenerative disc disease or other spine condition has detracted from their usual lifestyle. We begin by thoroughly examining every patient to ensure that we properly diagnose their condition and understand what’s necessary to manage it and the resulting pain. In the case of spinal degeneration, we simply can’t stop the march of time. However, we can take steps to improve our patients’ quality of life, developing degenerative disc disease treatment plans that may include:

  • Physical therapy – Keeping the spine as flexible as possible while building up the muscles that support it can be a tremendous help with neck and back pain
  • Medications – When used responsibly, over-the-counter and prescription drugs can be used to effectively control inflammation and to manage pain
  • Steroid injections – After locating the precise area of the spine that’s causing symptoms, our physicians can carefully inject a steroid to block pain signals from the affected nerve for a period of time
  • Minimally invasive surgery – Sometimes, outpatient surgery may be recommended to remove a portion of a damaged disc. There are several procedures that can provide relief from symptoms without many of the risks associated with open spine surgery.

To learn more about the individual approach that we take to caring for degenerative disc disease patients in the greater Atlanta, GA, area, contact us today. You can also request an appointment by calling our office or using our online form.

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