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Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can happen for many reasons but the two main underlying causes are traumatic impact and simply growing older. The force of an auto accident or a collision on the football field both have the potential to damage the discs that cushion the bones of the spine. However, the more common cause a damaged disc is the repeated wear and tear that it endures during normal motion, like bending and twisting. In our younger years, these elastic discs can easily flatten with pressure and then return to their typical shape, but they become less flexible as we age. That means that there’s a greater chance of a crack developing in the tough, exterior shell of a disc, which can allow the inner gel to bulge beyond the usual bounds of the disc or even leak outside the disc. The result is a herniated disc with localized pain, as well as traveling pain, muscle pain, and other symptoms possible if the bulging disc touches a neighboring nerve. At Pain Care, we’re all too familiar with the signs of herniated discs, and we use our physicians’ expertise and technology to diagnose and treat people living throughout the greater Atlanta, GA, area.

In most cases, herniated disc pain and other related symptoms can be effectively managed through comprehensive treatment plans using noninvasive and minimally invasive methods. At Pain Care, we make every effort to delay or completely prevent the need to have major spine surgery, which can be a risky choice with a lengthy recovery process. That’s why our physicians evaluate every herniated disc patient on a one-on-one basis. By learning about their specific condition, as well as considering their personal goals and lifestyle, we can make educated recommendations for treatments.

Some of our possible herniated disc recommendations include:

  • Taking medications to manage pain or inflammation
  • Applying heat and/or ice to the site of the pain
  • Stretching and strengthening the muscles of neck and back
  • Having epidural steroid injections to control nerve pain at the source
  • Having a minimally invasive surgery called a decompressor discectomy to remove part of the damaged disc, and therefore the pressure it’s placing on the affected nerve

If you live in the greater Atlanta, GA, area, and you have a herniated disc or another chronic pain condition, Pain Care is here to help. We will work to help you regain life, restore function, and renew hope. We work quickly, too, often seeing patients within 48 hours of them requesting an appointment by phone or our online form.

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