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Our vision


Pain Care, LLC is a renowned Georgia based  medical practice specializing in a conservative approach to spinal care through minimally-invasive surgery, cutting-edge technology, methodical research and analysis, and exceptional patient experiences. The pioneering vision of Dr. Vincent Galan, Pain Care is dedicated to helping patients regain life, restore function, and renew hope for patients with spine problems.

Pain Care is founded in a commitment to methodical research, sound outcome analysis, precise process development, sophisticated risk assessment, meticulous planning, and preparation – all created to prevent complications and ensure the most successful procedure possible. We always pursue non-surgical avenues as the first course of action.

Pain Care is driven by a conservatine approach, allowing patients today to benefit from technology and expertise that is years ahead.

Our nationally-recognized team takes the time to connect with, listen to, and really hear a patient and caregiver’s needs and concerns. We thoroughly review, assess, and identify the best treatment plan for a given individual. Every case is different, but all patients are the same in receiving the most thoughtful, personalized plan for treatment and recovery.

Pain Care is dedicated to delivering the best care across every step of the patient journey, and the entire team is aligned in the constant goal of getting our patients to “”regain life, restore function & renew hope.”

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