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Post Laminectomy Syndrome


Post Laminectomy Syndrome Treatment Available for Patients in Metro Atlanta, GA & All Surrounding Areas

Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Post laminectomy syndrome, or failed back surgery syndrome, refers to pain that results from an unsuccessful back surgery. When a laminectomy doesn’t alleviate symptoms the way that it was intended to, or when it creates new symptoms due to the development of scar tissue, a patient may require additional treatment to address the resulting pain and discomfort. At Pain Care, we understand how frustrating it can be to undergo a major surgery only to discover that it hasn’t worked. That’s why we proudly offer individualized medical care designed to manage pain and other symptoms associated with failed back surgery syndrome for people living in Atlanta, Georgia, and other nearby areas.

Post laminectomy syndrome can cause issues ranging from localized back pain to discomfort and numbness that radiates down the limbs. Due to the uniqueness of each patient’s specific case, it’s important to obtain a specific diagnosis from an experienced physician, such as the experts on the team at Pain Care. Our physicians are all board certified and specialize in treating pain, which sets them apart from most general practitioners. Once a patient is accurately diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome, we can offer several treatment options at our Atlanta area offices, including:

  • Medication therapy – Our team can prescribe various medications designed to manage pain and control inflammation.
  • Neuroplasty – By injecting a combination of medications into epidural space in the base of the sacrum (the joint that connects the lower portion of the spine to the pelvis), we can potentially help relieve low back and leg pain by dissolving scar tissue that may be placing pressure on surrounding nerves.
  • Spinal cord stimulation – Our physicians can apply a gentle electrical current through the spine via an implant to help block the perception of painful sensations.

If you’re ready to experience the patient-centered pain management care that we offer for post laminectomy syndrome, contact Pain Care today. We also invite you to call us or make an appointment online to visit one of our offices in and around Atlanta, GA.

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