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Kyphosis - Curving of the Spine


Kyphosis Treatment

Kyphosis - Curving of the Spine

Kyphosis treatment depends largely on the diagnosis given to each patient. Courses of action can range from lifestyle changes and noninvasive treatment to surgical intervention, with consideration given to how severe the condition is. At Pain Care, we have experience helping people with kyphosis, a rounding of the back that is sometimes called hunchback, to receive a thorough diagnosis and the individualized care that they deserve. In fact, our practice’s goal is to help our patients in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area to improve their health and return to the activities that they may have missed out on due to kyphosis or another condition.

Kyphosis treatment will reflect the symptoms that a patient shows. In some cases, the forward hunching of the back is a strictly cosmetic concern, with no other side effects. For some people, however, the deteriorating and deforming of spinal elements can result in back pain and stiffness. Kyphosis treatment may also be intended to slow the progression of the spinal deformation, which can worsen, especially if the underlying cause of the kyphosis is osteoporosis. Accounting for every patient’s personal needs and goals, Pain Care’s team of physicians and other medical professionals can develop a kyphosis treatment plan for addressing the chronic pain and other symptoms.

We offer a variety of treatment methods for residents of the greater Atlanta, GA, area, including:

  • Medication – We can help with the responsible use of over-the-counter or prescription medications to manage pain.
  • Lifestyle changes – We can advise patients to ensure they maintain a healthy weight and limit factors that could worsen symptoms.
  • Stretching and exercise – We can guide patients to stretches that can improve overall flexibility of the spine and exercises that can strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, efforts that can improve posture.
  • Surgery – As needed, we can perform minimally invasive spine surgery to correct kyphosis. Treatment may include kyphoplasty, during which a fractured vertebrae is expanded, stabilized, and returned to its natural shape.

To learn more about the kyphosis treatment options that we offer for people living in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area, contact Pain Care today. Our board-certified physicians can typically see patients within 48 hours of them calling us or using our online form to request an appointment.

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