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Phantom Limb Pain


Phantom Limb Pain Treatment

Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is a post-amputation condition that causes people with amputated limbs or other body parts to feel pain in the lost portion of their bodies. The condition is often confused with phantom limb sensations, which are characterized by feelings of heat, cold, tingling, itchiness, and other non-painful sensations. Although the exact reason behind the pain isn’t yet understood, what is known is that phantom limb pain originates in the brain and the spinal cord, and that the results can be temporary or develop into chronic pain conditions. If you are experiencing phantom limb pain and you’re seeking help with your treatment, you can turn to Pain Care. As a trusted source of medical care for chronic pain patients in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area, we have helped numerous people with their ongoing amputation-related nerve pain – and we’re prepared to help you too.

At Pain Care, our practice truly revolves around our patients. That’s why we get to know everyone who walks through our doors. We want to understand the kind of pain that you’re experiencing, the treatment methods you may have already explored, and what your personal goals may be. Using that knowledge, our physicians, who specialize in pain management, can develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and gives you the best opportunity for improvement.

Some of the approaches that we often recommend to our Metro Atlanta area patients include:

  • Medications to address pain and the faulty nervous system signals causing it
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy to block painful signals
  • Spinal cord stimulation treatment (in more severe cases that haven’t improved through conservative methods) to deliver a low electric current to the spinal cord to counter pain signals

If you’d like to learn more about Pain Care and our approach to phantom limb pain treatment, contact us today. We can typically see our Atlanta, GA, area patients within 48 hours of them calling us or sending in an online appointment request form.

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