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Hip Pain Treatment


Hip Joint Injection

Hip Joint Injection

A hip joint injection may be helpful for people who are coping with the symptoms that can accompany damage to the joint, which is most often caused by arthritis. Pain Care’s experienced and board-certified physicians are prepared to help anyone who has had to cope with the ache of a painful hip joint. And, with our several offices located in communities throughout the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area, we try to make receiving high-quality pain management services as convenient as possible.

Pain Care’s physicians believe in a comprehensive approach to pain management, with an emphasis on avoiding invasive surgery if at all possible. In the case of Atlanta patients who have hip problems, an injection may prove helpful. Our physicians administer this treatment through the following process:

  • Preparation – The patient lies down and is given a local anesthetic to numb the tissue surrounding the hip during the injection.
  • Fluoroscopy – In some cases, a fluoroscope (a machine that displays X-ray images) may be used to guide the needle to the appropriate place. If so, then our physician will inject the hip with contrast dye to get a more accurate image before starting the injection of medication.
  • Injection – Once the physician is confident that the needle is in the correct spot, a mixture of steroid and anti-inflammatory medication is injected into the hip.

It can take a few days for the medication to take down joint inflammation and combat swelling. In some cases, one hip injection is sufficient for people to find relief from their pain and other symptoms, but other people require two or three injections, given weeks apart, before they experience the full benefit of the medication.
Deleted: For more information about our hip joint injection procedure and the other hip pain treatment options that we offer, contact Pain Care today. We can typically schedule our patients for examination at one of our 6 Atlanta, GA, locations within 48 hours of receiving a request.

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