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SI Joint Injection


Pain Care’s Sacroiliac Joint Injection Procedures Can Alleviate Pain for People in the Metro Atlanta, GA, Area

SI Joint Injection

A sacroiliac joint injection is one method for controlling the symptoms of arthritis when it occurs in the joint that connects the hip to the base of the spine. Arthritis in this joint can mean inflammation, swelling, and pain, all of which are issues that can limit movement and diminish quality of life. At Pain Care, we work diligently to design personalized treatment plans for each of our patients in order to help them achieve relief from pain and get back to living their lives. In some cases, that means recommending a sacroiliac joint injection administered by our very experienced physicians at our offices in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Sacroiliac (or SI) joint injections tend to be very low risk, outpatient procedures that can be completed without much downtime for patients. Plus, they can be effective in at least temporarily reducing symptoms, if not alleviating them for a longer term. Pain Care’s physicians complete such injections by:

  • Having a patient lie face down to allow for better access to the joint
  • Giving the patient a local anesthetic to numb the skin and other tissues surrounding the SI joint
  • Injecting a contrast dye within the affected joint so it can visualized with a fluoroscope when the medication is applied
  • Injecting a corticosteroid/anesthetic combination into the joint, ensuring that the combination spreads well throughout the joint
  • Placing a bandage over the injection site

In the hours and days following the sacroiliac joint injection, a patient should experience pain relief, allowing for the completion of physical therapy, exercise, and other efforts to address the symptoms over the long term. SI joint injections can also be repeated as necessary to help patients improve their quality of life.
Deleted: For more information about the sacroiliac joint injection treatment that Pain Care offers in the Atlanta Metro area, contact us today. Our online form even gives you the opportunity to request an appointment.

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