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Dekompressor Discectomy


Dekompressor Discectomy Procedures

Dekompressor Discectomy

A dekompressor discectomy can provide relief from the symptoms of a herniated disc. This condition occurs when one of the intervertebral discs that cushions the bones of the spine ruptures and releases some of the disc’s gelatinous material into the spinal column. The rupture itself can cause pain, and the displaced material can place pressure on nerve roots, leading to other symptoms, including traveling pain and muscle weakness. Discectomy procedures can be performed as invasive, open-back procedures, but at Pain Care, we find that many of our patients find relief through a far less invasive approach that can be completed on an outpatient basis. We invite people who live in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia and are experiencing neck or back pain, or other issues related to herniated discs, to meet with our experienced physicians to discuss a dekompressor discectomy procedure.

At Pain Care, we believe in exploring all potential options for patients with neck and back pain as we develop individual treatment plans designed to return them to their active lives. Dekompressor discectomy may be a good, minimally invasive treatment option in some circumstances. When such a procedure is needed, our physicians can perform it at one of our Atlanta-area locations using the following steps:

  • A patient is given a medication to help him or her relax before the dekompressor discectomy begins.
  • A local anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated.
  • Using fluoroscopic or X-ray imaging, a physician precisely locates the affected disc and then carefully inserts a small, hollow needle into the area of damage.
  • Through the needle, the physician threads a small probe, which is used to carefully remove small portions of the damaged disc.
  • The needle and probe are removed and the insertion site is covered with a bandage.

Although recovery times can vary following a dekompressor discectomy, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis without cutting muscle or bone, so recovery is usually less intensive as compared to an open-spine procedure. The space remaining in the affected disc can reabsorb the displaced core of the disc, typically leading to relief from symptoms, although it may take several days after a dekompressor discectomy for a patient to see improvement.

For more information about dekompressor discectomy or our other herniated disc treatment options, contact Pain Care today. We invite you to use our online form to request an appointment at one of our Metro Atlanta, GA, locations.

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