What are the differences and the similarities between a SCS and PNS?

What are the differences and the similarities between a Spinal Cord Stimulator and a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator? 


Let's define what each device is



These FDA-approved electrotherapy devices are surgically implanted and used as treatments to provide pain management through mild electrical signals that send electrical pulses to mask the pain felt by certain receptors in the brain. The benefit of these devices is they require no opioids or other drugs and involve only minimally invasive surgical procedures. 


How are Spinal Cord Stimulators and Peripheral Nerve Stimulators similar?

How are Spinal Cord Stimulators and Peripheral Nerve Stimulators different? 



What is the surgical process of an SCS vs PNS?



What is the goal for a patient with an SCS or PNS? 



Why choose Pain Care to help with your chronic pain? 

At Pain Care, we understand that our patients are individuals. Our providers stay up to date with the latest research and technologies to best understand individual causes for chronic pain. Each patient is treated with a personalized approach to give them the best possible care. Dr. Galan, Dr. Chang, Dr. Pulido & Dr. Donner has many years of experience as a pain specialist managing chronic pain for the back, neck and body. Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our top pain specialists at Pain Care.

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