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Whiplash is a blanket term that refers to tissue damage that occurs in the neck when it is forced past its normal range of motion. These types of injuries typically result from automobile accidents, collisions during contact sports, and falls as the neck jerks on impact. Although many cases of whiplash can be effectively treated at home, more persistent cases can require more intensive medical care. If you live in or around Atlanta, Georgia, and you believe that you have whiplash, turn to the trusted experts at Pain Care for diagnosis and treatment. Since 2008, our team has treated people with many forms of acute and chronic pain, so we’re ready to help improve your quality of life.

At Pain Care, our focus is always on understanding each patient’s unique condition and challenges. That means our Atlanta physicians will check your whiplash symptoms to develop an effective treatment plan that meets your needs. Each plan will differ, but we often recommend that our patients use some combination of the following methods:

  • Applying ice to the affected area to reduce inflammation
  • Applying heat to the tender area to soothe pain
  • Taking anti-inflammatory and/or pain-relieving medications to reduce discomfort
  • Completing physical therapy sessions with a therapist or at home

Most people find relief through these noninvasive whiplash treatment methods. However, in very rare cases, we may suggest spinal injections to help manage pain, or even surgery if chronic neck pain has become debilitating and has not improved through other methods.

If you have whiplash and want to learn more about how our compassionate staff can help, contact Pain Care today. We’re ready to guide you down the road to recovery, whether you choose to make your appointment at any of our Atlanta, GA, locations online or by phone.

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