Johns Creek Whiplash Treatment Options

Whiplash Johns Creek GAWhiplash, or cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) syndrome, is a term that describes tissue damage in the neck resulting from a sudden jerk upon impact. Although whiplash is more closely associated with auto accidents, it can also occur during collisions during contact sports like football. Because the spine is moving at a high rate of speed only to come to a sudden stop, the neck can snap back and cause damage to the vertebrae and ligaments in the neck. At Pain Care, we provide treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions, including whiplash, for residents of Johns Creek, Georgia, and neighboring communities. Thanks to the experience of our board-certified physicians – who all specialize in pain care – we can offer the well-rounded, individualized medical attention that produces the best pain relief results.

Since 2008, Pain Care has helped people living in and around Johns Creek, GA, to address whiplash and other conditions by carefully assessing and then attending to each patient’s individual symptoms. Our physicians develop personalized treatment plans that may include any or all of the following approaches:

  • Heat/cold treatments – Heat can help reduce pain, while applying ice to an affected area can take down inflammation.
  • Physical therapy – Attending physical therapy sessions and completing at-home exercises can improve the strength and flexibility of the area affected by whiplash.
  • Medications – Oral pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications can make patients more comfortable. They can also manage pain to make other treatment options, such as physical therapy, easier to pursue.
  • Spinal injections – In certain cases, injecting medications can help with the inflammation of damaged tissue.
  • Surgery – We treat surgery as a last resort, and the vast majority of people who have whiplash don’t ever need it. However, if the pain is severe and shows no improvement through other methods, Pain Care physicians may recommend surgical intervention.

Find out more about our whiplash treatment options by contacting Pain Care today. Alternatively, we invite people in Johns Creek, GA, and other surrounding locations to request an appointment via phone or our online form.