Spondylolisthesis Treatment Provided by Experienced Physicians for People in McDonough, GA

spondylolisthesis-treatment-mcdonoughSpondylolisthesis treatment isn’t only limited to medication or surgery, so be sure to weigh your options before you choose a course of action. At Pain Care’s offices in McDonough, Georgia, and beyond, we strive to offer our patients a complete continuum of care, with individualized recommendations to meet each person’s particular needs.

Pain Care physicians understand that spondylolisthesis treatment isn’t one size fits all, nor is an isolated treatment approach likely to provide meaningful relief. Instead, treatment often must be multifaceted to provide the best quality of life for a patient, addressing both his or her immediate pain or discomfort and providing greater support for the spine to manage or correct the underlying condition – the slippage of a spinal vertebra forward of the bone just below it. Some spondylolisthesis treatment approaches that our experienced, board-certified physicians may recommend for our McDonough, GA, patients include:

  • Taking medication to achieve relief from inflammation and pain, especially when used together with a physical therapy regimen
  • Exercising regularly while avoiding movements that are jarring to the affected area to ensure proper circulation to the spine and to improve overall health
  • Completing physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support the spine and to increase flexibility
  • Bracing the affected area to passively correct posture and (at least temporarily) realign the spine
  • Injecting the affected area of the spine with steroid medication to provide relief from pain

No matter what spondylolisthesis treatment method(s) you and your physician decide to pursue, you can count on Pain Care’s friendly staff and our state-of-the-art facilities to keep you comfortable during each visit.

Contact Pain Care today to learn more about our approach to spondylolisthesis treatment. You can also request an appointment at our McDonough, GA, location.