Find Your Spine Doctor at Pain Care, a Leading Neck and Back Pain Treatment Center Near Jackson, GA

Spine Doctor Jackson GAAn experienced spine doctor can help you develop a comprehensive plan for managing your neck and back pain. While there are many conservative options that you can try at home, there are also several clinical treatments that can provide an even greater level of relief. At Pain Care, we’ve helped countless patients from Jackson, Georgia, find effective solutions for their neck and back pain, and we’re here to do the same for you.

We welcome individuals at every stage of the treatment process. Whether you’ve just noticed a sudden issue in your lower back or have been dealing with chronic neck pain for several years, we invite you to consult with an experienced Pain Care spine doctor. Our team can evaluate your symptoms, lifestyle, treatment history and diagnostic imaging results to help you determine the appropriate next steps.

Depending on your specific diagnosis, your spine doctor may recommend:

  • Injections to temporarily numb painful areas of the spine
  • Oral medications to relieve inflammation and reduce the symptoms of nerve damage
  • Spinal cord stimulation to modify the activity of painful nerves in your neck or back
  • Decompression bracing to help create additional space between your vertebrae

Your spine doctor may also suggest that you consider physical therapy, exercise, and specific lifestyle changes to help you alleviate your pain. One of the reasons that we’re considered a leading back pain treatment center in the Jackson area is our commitment to multidimensional care. Our doctors are known for helping our patients comprehensively address their discomfort rather than simply prescribing medications and sending them on their way.

To request an appointment with a board-certified spine doctor here at Pain Care, contact us today. We welcome patients from Jackson, GA, and all other surrounding areas.