Johns Creek Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Spinal Stenosis Johns Creek GASpinal stenosis, or spinal narrowing, can be caused by many types of age-related spinal deterioration, as well as birth defects that make the spinal canal narrower than it would be in other people. It can cause pain and other symptoms if the narrowing ends up pinching nerves. Treatment for this condition may include managing its symptoms or by addressing its underlying cause. At Pain Care, we aim to give our patients access to the whole range of potential treatment options, from noninvasive lifestyle changes all the way up to minimally invasive surgical intervention as needed. We invite anyone in Johns Creek, Georgia, or any surrounding community who is experiencing spinal stenosis and its side effects to turn to us for help.

If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, you might be wondering what sets Pain Care apart from other medical care providers in Johns Creek. To start with, all of our board-certified physicians have years of experience focusing specifically on pain management, addressing all the most complex chronic pain conditions. Spinal stenosis can be tricky to properly diagnose because its symptoms can manifest in the extremities, far from the spine and because it shares symptoms with other major conditions. That’s why our physicians carefully use all applicable diagnostic testing to ensure that our patients have accurate diagnoses – and, therefore, more effective treatment options.

Pain Care physicians always develop a treatment plan specific to the individual patient. In the case of our spinal stenosis patients, we might recommend any or all of the following approaches during treatment:

  • Taking over-the-counter or prescription medications to cope with pain and inflammation
  • Completing physical therapy with a therapist
  • Having corticosteroid injections delivered to the affected area of the spine to help address the symptoms near the source
  • Undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery as necessary (we only recommend this option for those who haven’t seen sufficient symptom relief through conservative methods)

No matter what course of treatment our physicians recommend for a given patient, it is built on our dedication to helping all our patients get back to doing what they love. Contact Pain Care today to learn more about the spinal stenosis treatment options available at our Johns Creek, GA, location.