Multifaceted RSD Treatment Provided by Experienced Pain Specialists in McDonough, GA

rsd-treatment-mcdonough-GARSD treatment is best left in the hands of pain specialists. RSD, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy, is a result of a malfunctioning nervous system, and it can lead to disproportionate amounts of pain in an affected limb in response to touch. Symptoms can begin as a response to anything from drawing blood to having surgery, and can include changes to skin color, texture, and temperature, and even decreased motor ability in an arm or leg. At Pain Care, our physicians know the signs of RSD, and they offer treatment options for people with the condition – even if those people haven’t found meaningful relief with other physicians. With locations in McDonough, Georgia, and other surrounding areas, we’re here to offer complete and compassionate care.

If you need or believe that you need RSD treatment, you can turn to your nearest Pain Care location. As at all of our clinics, the physicians at our McDonough, GA, office are board-certified, and they focus specifically on managing pain. Many chronic pain conditions require a multifaceted approach to managing symptoms and providing reliable treatment, and RSD is no exception. Although every patient’s needs and medical history are different, here are a few of the approaches that we may recommend for you:

  • Medications, potentially including nerve pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, and others that alleviate pain, inflammation, and other symptoms
  • Physical therapy and specific exercises that can help you regain full use of an affected limb
  • Nerve blocks that can prevent a particular nerve from relaying faulty signals to the brain
  • Spinal cord stimulation, a procedure that involves the minimally invasive implantation of a device that can continually block the pain signals relayed from the affected limb to the brain

If you’d like to learn more about our RSD treatment options, contact Pain Care today. You can also request an appointment at our McDonough, GA, office or any of our other locations throughout the area.