Post Laminectomy Syndrome Treatment Available People Living In and Around Johns Creek, GA

Post Laminectomy Syndrome Johns Creek GAPost laminectomy syndrome can be extremely frustrating. After all, no one wants to undergo back surgery just to learn that their symptoms haven’t stopped – or that they’re experiencing new symptoms due to the presence of scar tissue. At Pain Care, we understand that disappointment, so we’re proud to offer help to residents of Johns Creek, Georgia, and surrounding areas. Using our patient-centric approach, our physicians can help people manage the pain and other symptoms that result from failed back surgeries.

Pain Care stands out from many of the other healthcare providers providing post laminectomy syndrome care in and around Johns Creek, GA, in several ways, including:

  • Our personalized approach – We don’t believe in providing one-size-fits-all pain care. Rather, we treat each patient as an individual, taking the time to learn about their unique conditions and symptoms.
  • Our physicians’ experience – Our physicians are all board-certified and specialize in pain care, a level of knowledge that sets us apart from general practitioners.
  • Our range of care – We offer several treatment options under one roof, from prescribing oral medications to performing neuroplasty (an injection that can dissolve scar tissue). We can also offer a minimally invasive surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulation unit that can block painful nerve sensations.
  • Our speed – In most cases, we can see patients within 48 hours after they contact us.

For further information about the post laminectomy syndrome treatment options that we provide for residents of Johns Creek, GA, contact us today. You can also use our online form or call us to request an appointment at our office.