Pinched Nerve Treatment Offered by Experienced Physicians for Patients in McDonough, GA

Pinched Nerve Treatment McDonough GAEffective pinched nerve treatment depends on a proper diagnosis because it can often be difficult to find exactly where nerve compression is taking place. For example, a pinched nerve in the spine can cause symptoms to occur in seemingly unrelated areas of the body, manifesting as numbness in the hands, pain in the thighs, or weakness in the lower legs, among other symptoms. That’s why Pain Care makes a concerted effort to provide each of our patients with a careful diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan to help manage symptoms. Whether people choose to visit our McDonough, Georgia, location, or one of our other offices throughout the area, they can be certain that they’ll receive the skilled and compassionate care for which we’re known.

What sets Pain Care’s approach to pinched nerve treatment apart? We offer several important advantages, including:

  • Our physicians – All of our board-certified physicians in McDonough, GA, and our other locations focus specifically on pain management, giving them insight on conditions like pinched nerves that general practitioners may not have.
  • Our approach to care – We take a multifaceted approach to care, so pinched nerve treatment might begin with medication and physical therapy, but if such conservative measures don’t produce the intended results, we can also perform minimally invasive surgical procedures to address the issue more directly. We tailor our care to an individual’s needs.
  • Our scheduling – In most cases, we can schedule patients for their first office visit within 48 hours of a referral or inquiry. We also make scheduling subsequent care as quick and easy as possible, so patients can get the care they need with minimal hassle.

To learn more about Pain Care’s approach to pinched nerve treatment and to request an appointment at our McDonough, GA, office, contact us today.