Johns Creek, GA Pain Management Doctors

Pain Management Johns Creek GAThe effectiveness of any pain management plan relies on cooperation between the patient and medical care providers. It is absolutely vital for you to have all of your available treatment options detailed for you, as well as someone to guide you through the process of developing and refining a treatment plan. At Pain Care, we strongly believe that the physician helping you through your pain management plan should be an expert in addressing pain specifically; it can be a very complex issue to resolve, and often the underlying cause can be difficult to determine. In fact, even if you haven’t had success working with other medical providers to improve your condition, we invite you to consider visiting our board-certified pain specialists and any of our locations in Johns Creek, Georgia, and beyond.

What makes Pain Care different from the other pain management avenues available to people in Johns Creek, GA, and neighboring areas? To put it simply, we never lose sight of what’s really important – our patients and their specific goals. For that reason:

  • We always take the time to listen to what our patients have to say about their condition and previous treatment attempts, as well as their goals and concerns.
  • We use our available imaging resources and other methods to properly diagnose every patient. Due to the complexity of chronic pain issues, inaccurate diagnoses are relatively common, interfering with patients’ ability to receive helpful pain management advice and treatment.
  • We help our patients explore the entire breadth of pain management options available to them, which can include everything from medications and physical therapy to corticosteroid injections and minimally invasive surgery as necessary.
  • We offer treatment for all manner of chronic pain issues, including a variety of spinal conditions (even symptoms caused by a previous failed back surgery), complex regional pain syndrome, sciatica, phantom limb pain, and migraines.

If you’ve been looking for pain management specialists who are ready to work closely with you to return you to the activities you love, contact Pain Care today. You can take advantage of any of our locations throughout the greater Atlanta, GA, area, including our John Creek clinic.