Covington Pain Management Doctors

Pain Management Covington GAPain management can serve as a bridge between enduring the uncomfortable or even debilitating symptoms of a pain condition and finding a long-term solution. For many people with incurable conditions, managing the pain is a long-term solution in and of itself. Since managing pain can often be process that takes months or even years, it’s important to partner with a trusted physician who understands the underlying condition and can help control its symptoms. The physicians at Pain Care, a practice with locations convenient to Covington, Georgia, focus on treating all forms of pain. That gives them more specialized insight than general practitioners in the often confusing world of pain management.

With their years of experience, our board-certified physicians know how to approach all of the following pain conditions, offering insightful and effective management advice:

  • All forms of neck and back pain, whether acute (like the pain associated with whiplash) or chronic (like the pain associated with degenerative spine conditions)
  • Joint pain, including pain in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, as well as pain in the facet joints of the spine
  • Generalized pain disorders, including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome and others

Whatever condition you may have, you can rely on our physicians to take the time to understand your specific symptoms and diagnosis, and offer the effective and compassionate care for which we’re known. Some patients experience improvements by following conservative treatment recommendations, such as making lifestyle choices, attending physical therapy, and taking medications. Others find the best pain management route leads to one of the minimally invasive procedures that our skilled physicians perform.

Contact Pain Care today to learn more about our physicians and the pain management services that we provide in the Covington, GA.