Lumbar Sympathetic Block Injections

Lumbar Sympathetic Block Atlanta GAA lumbar sympathetic block is most commonly used to relieve leg pain that is caused by complex regional pain syndrome. The general idea behind this procedure is that numbing the branching nerves in the lower back can help block sensations of pain. At Pain Care, we offer this procedure to our patients as one of many treatment options. As a provider of pain management services for people in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area, we can help our patients with everything from examination and diagnosis to lifestyle changes and minimally invasive treatments. We understand how difficult treating a condition like complex regional pain syndrome can be, so we help our patients understand their condition and explore their options.

Pain Care may administer a lumbar sympathetic block to a patient in our Atlanta offices when physical therapy and other treatments don’t produce the desired relief from pain. This procedure is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that consists of the following steps:

  • The patient lies, stomach down, and is given medication to help relax.
  • The injection site is numbed.
  • A fluoroscope (a machine that shows moving X-ray images) is used to show the physician where to inject the numbing medication. A contrast dye may be injected into the area to allow for better visibility.
  • The medicine is injected at the appropriate site, with the goal of reducing inflammation and pain.
  • A small bandage is applied to the patient’s back and our staff monitor the recovery process to ensure that there are no issues as the relaxing medication wears off.

Although there may be some soreness after the procedure, and it may take several lumbar sympathetic block injections to see results, patients often find that their symptoms are reduced for up to several months.
To learn more about our lumbar sympathetic block procedures and the other services offered at Pain Care’s offices around the Metro Atlanta, GA, area, and to see how our highly experienced pain management physicians can help with acute or chronic discomfort, contact us today.