Knee Pain Treatment Options Available at Pain Care for People Living In or Around Griffin, GA

knee-pain-treatment-griffinKnee pain treatment will differ depending on the patient’s specific diagnosis, overall health, and other factors. After all, the knee consists of many parts, which may be injured through trauma, repetitive use, or age-related wear and tear. That’s why Pain Care physicians always take the time to understand each patient’s particular condition and needs. Through careful diagnosis and compassionate care, we can help patients in Griffin, Georgia, find relief from their knee pain.

Pain Care’s board-certified physicians all specialize in pain management, so they have the particular knowledge necessary to guide patients to the most appropriate knee pain treatment for them. Every patient is different, but broadly speaking, the approaches that we most commonly recommend to our Griffin, GA, patients include:

  • Strengthening and improving the flexibility of the muscles around the knee through physical therapy and low-impact exercise
  • Alleviating some of the stress on the knees by making lifestyle changes, such as refraining from high-impact activities like running
  • Reducing pain and/or inflammation through the use of medications
  • Reducing the physical load on the affected knee by losing excess weight (if necessary) and otherwise monitoring how much force is applied to the joint
  • Addressing symptoms directly at the site through fluoroscopic-guided HYLGAN injections

If you’re in or around Griffin, GA, and you’re seeking comprehensive and reliable treatment for your acute or chronic knee pain, turn to Pain Care. Contact us today for more information about our physicians and our overall approach to care, or to schedule an appointment at any of our locations.