Fluoroscopic-Guided HYALGAN® Knee Injections Offered by Pain Care for People with Knee Pain Throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA, Area

Knee Injections Atlanta GAKnee injections are often recommended for people who suffer from ongoing knee pain, usually linked to osteoarthritis. At Pain Care, we provide such injections for patients in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area. Using a medication called HYALGAN®, which is inserted directly into the knee, we can often reduce or relieve chronic pain and help the affected knee move more smoothly. An injection can establish a cushion within the knee, helping the knee move more smoothly, even after its cartilage has been damaged.

The knee injections offered at Pain Care are minimally invasive procedures, and they are typically performed once per week for three to five weeks. The typical process of receiving knee injections consists of the following steps:

  • Preparation – The physician cleans the knee and injects an anesthetic to help numb the knee ahead of the injection of the medication.
  • Fluoroscopy – The physician injects a dye into the knee in order to see its internal structure clearly using a fluoroscope, which allows them to see moving X-rays.
  • Injection – The physician makes sure that the needle is in proper position and then injects the HYLGAN® into the space within the knee.

Once the injection is finished, the knee is bandaged up and the patient is free to go. The knee may be slightly sore afterward. The majority of patients feel relief from symptoms after the third injection, with the effects lasting for up to six months. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with these knee injections to help patients achieve the best-possible results.

If you’d like to learn more about our knee injections or any of the other pain management services we offer at our locations in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area, contact Pain Care today. We can usually schedule an appointment within 48 hours of you contacting us.