Herniated Disc Treatment from Pain Experts Serving McDonough, GA

Herniated Disc Treatment McDonough GAHerniated disc treatment, when successful, can help people get back into their daily routine, performing the tasks and enjoying the activities that they may have missed out on due to their uncomfortable symptoms. In short, effective treatment can vastly improve a patient’s quality of life. At Pain Care, that’s the end result we always keep in mind. Our helpful team includes board-certified physicians who specialize in managing pain, including pain caused by spine conditions. At our locations near McDonough, Georgia, we are here to help carefully diagnose, assess, and treat herniated discs.

Most patients benefit from one or more forms of nonsurgical herniated disc treatment and find it possible to manage their symptoms without the need for surgery. Not only can Pain Care help McDonough, GA, patients identify which methods work for them, but we can also offer minimally invasive outpatient procedures to people with more severe cases that don’t resolve after trying conservative treatments. Some of our most commonly recommended treatments for herniated discs include:

  • Application of heat to relax muscles or ice to ease inflammation
  • Medication to control inflammation and pain
  • Targeted stretching and strengthening exercises for muscles that support the spine (often under the supervision of a physical therapist)
  • Epidural steroid injections to bathe the affected nerve in medication
  • Minimally invasive decompressor discectomy surgery to remove the displaced portion of the disc

If you have a herniated disc and need treatment, contact Pain Care today. We’ll explain the services that we can offer at our offices and ambulatory surgery centers in and around McDonough, GA, and we can quickly schedule you for an initial appointment.