Herniated Disc Treatment Options Available for People Throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA, Area

Herniated Disc Treatment Atlanta GAHerniated disc treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for back pain, but rather an individualized approach intended to provide each patient with the most effective relief possible. That’s because herniated discs can occur at different levels of the spine and cause a wide range of problems, from pain at the site of a damaged disc to weakness and numbness in an extremity. At Pain Care, we offer thorough diagnoses for our patients and put our physicians’ specialized knowledge to good use when designing treatment plans. Our Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area patients can turn to us for help with managing their spine pain and other symptoms, and, in some cases, directly treating a herniated disc.

Although every patient’s situation is different, there are certain approaches to herniated disc treatment that Pain Care physicians have found to be effective for many patients throughout the years. We proudly offer the following services at our facilities throughout the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area:

  • Recommendations for conservative treatment options such as physical therapy
  • Interventional pain management treatments, such as epidural steroid injections that can control the symptoms associated with a herniated disc that is compressing a nearby spinal nerve
  • Minimally invasive procedures (for more severe or persistent cases), such as dekompressor discectomies in which a portion of a herniated disc is carefully removed to alleviate pressure on a nerve

If you’d like more information about the herniated disc treatment options available at Pain Care, contact us today. You can also request an appointment at any of our local offices throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA, area.