Herniated Disc Treatment Options Offered by Board-Certified Physicians in Johns Creek, GA

Herniated Disc Johns Creek GAAlthough most people associate a herniated disc with localized pain occurring the neck or back, the condition can actually cause a whole range of symptoms if it pinches a neighboring nerve root. Because nerve roots branch out to the rest of the body, a herniated disc in the spine can mean muscle weakness, pain, numbness, burning sensations, and other problems in the extremities. By nature, these symptoms can make it tough to pinpoint their underlying causes. That’s why if you come to Pain Care’s Johns Creek, Georgia, facility with a herniated disc diagnosis, our board-certified physicians will double-check to ensure that it’s correct before we begin treatment. Often, a wrong diagnosis can interfere with treatment and delay your return to the activities you’ve been missing out on.

Not only do our pain physicians offer thorough diagnoses by reviewing patients’ imaging results, but we make it our mission to provide the most comprehensive approach possible to treatment. In the case of herniated disc treatment, we may advise our Johns Creek patients to try the following approaches:

  • Making lifestyle changes like losing weight or increasing low-impact aerobic exercise
  • Using conservative treatment methods like taking anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers and/or participating in physical therapy sessions
  • Receiving occasional epidural steroid injections to address the problem closer to the source
  • Having minimally invasive surgery (in certain cases) to remove part of the damaged disc and eliminate the pressure placed on the affected nerve root

The aim of our treatment recommendations is helping our patients heal while avoiding the need for major spine surgery as possible. In many cases, our patients find lasting relief without the risks involved with highly invasive open spine surgical intervention.

For more information about the herniated disc treatment options that we offer in Johns Creek, GA, and other neighboring communities, contact us today.