Comprehensive Fibromyalgia Treatment Provided by Highly Trained Medical Professionals in McDonough, GA

Fibromyalgia Treatment McDonough GAFinding fibromyalgia treatment that works for you can be a struggle. It can be difficult enough to receive a proper diagnosis for such a nebulous condition, let alone actually get relief from symptoms. That’s why you need physicians who have the expertise necessary to understand the complexities of your condition and guide you toward effective fibromyalgia treatment. At Pain Care, we’re happy to provide such help for people in the McDonough, Georgia, area and beyond.

Pain Care’s physicians are all board-certified, and they specialize in the management of different types of acute and chronic pain conditions. As with most of these complex conditions, there is no one-size-fits-all fibromyalgia treatment. Whether patients choose to visit us at our McDonough, GA, office or any of our other convenient locations, they can be sure that our physicians will take the time to properly diagnose their condition, understand their specific personal and medical needs, and then formulate a well-rounded treatment plan. Some of the approaches that we recommend to our patients include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Over-the-counter and/or prescription medication

Our physicians also listen closely to our patients’ observations about their own care; after all, they know what has and hasn’t worked for them. With that information, we can make changes to their treatment plans if necessary, helping to develop the most effective approach for each particular person.

If you live in McDonough, GA, and have been coping with sleep disruption, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms of fibromyalgia, treatment is right around the corner. Contact Pain Care today to learn more about our approach to pain management. You can also schedule your appointment online or by phone.