Compassionate Fibromyalgia Treatment at Pain Care’s Office in Griffin, GA

Fibromyalgia Treatment Griffin GAFibromyalgia treatment can be difficult for several reasons. In fact, even arriving at an accurate diagnosis can be a journey unto itself because the symptoms are widespread and tough to pin down. Plus, as with many chronic pain conditions, finding an effective treatment regimen can take weeks, months, or even years of trial and error. At Pain Care, we understand the challenges that face people who have fibromyalgia, and at our offices in the Griffin, Georgia, area, we are prepared to offer insightful advice about treatment options.

Pain Care’s physicians are different from general practitioners in the Griffin, GA, area because they focus specifically on acute and chronic pain conditions. They know that fibromyalgia treatment doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach; what works for one patient may not for another. That’s why they take a comprehensive view of the available treatment options, such as:

  • Medication – Several types of drugs have been useful in addressing fibromyalgia symptoms, including pain relievers, nerve pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even anti-depressants
  • Physical exercise – Although feeling pain and tenderness might make exercise seem uncomfortable, it can improve circulation, muscle tone, and overall health
  • Regular stretching – Many patients benefit from stretching, whether on their own or in a supervised setting, such as a physical therapist’s office
  • Stress management techniques – Because stress can worsen the problems associated with fibromyalgia, effective treatment may include relaxation techniques like mediation and yoga

Using their extensive knowledge of the available fibromyalgia treatment methods, as well as their understanding of each patient’s particular condition, Pain Care physicians can create personal plans to manage symptoms. That is how we help people regain life, restore function, and renew hope.

If you want to know more about our fibromyalgia treatment options, contact Pain Care today. We can schedule you for an appointment at our Griffin, GA, location or another of our area offices.