Fibromyalgia Treatment Options Offered for People Living In Around Johns Creek, GA

Fibromyalgia Johns Creek GAIf you have or think you may have fibromyalgia, you can rely on the team at Pain Care for the one-on-one, compassionate attention necessary to produce the best-possible pain relief. We have proudly served the residents of Johns Creek, Georgia, and other neighboring communities since 2008, with board-certified physicians who specialize in treating chronic and acute pain conditions. That makes us the wise choice for anyone who may need help with the proper diagnosis and treatment of a condition as complex as fibromyalgia.

In many cases, patients may not even be aware that their condition has a name. They may notice ongoing fatigue or muscle weakness and understand that these symptoms could be connected to fibromyalgia. Other symptoms associated with the condition include:

  • Memory problems
  • Interrupted sleep patterns
  • Mood changes

Although the causes of fibromyalgia are still poorly understood, the physicians at Pain Care have the experience necessary to provide outstanding medical care for people in Johns Creek, GA, and other neighboring areas who have it or another chronic pain condition. We treat fibromyalgia by using a combination of state-of-the art technology, medical knowledge, and the personal touch that sets us apart from many in our field. We listen to our patients’ concerns and identify their individual goals as we develop our treatment plans, which can include a range of noninvasive methods (medications, physical therapy, etc.) and minimally invasive treatments as necessary.

For more information about fibromyalgia and treatment methods, contact Pain Care today. If you live in or around Johns Creek, GA, and you’d like to request an appointment, please use our online form or give us a call.