Atlanta Comprehensive Pain Specialists

Comprehensive Pain Specialists Atlanta GAPeople turn to comprehensive pain specialists when they have conditions that are localized to one area of the body, such as a particular joint or muscle. These types of pain can be difficult to treat – many are notoriously tough to even diagnose properly – and having an expert in treating nerve pain and other decentralized pain-causing issues is incredibly important. That’s why Pain Care invites anyone experiencing any form of non-emergency acute or chronic pain to visit one of our offices throughout Metro Atlanta, Georgia. With our highly experienced, board-certified physicians, all of whom have extensive knowledge treating pain specifically, patients can turn to us for effective treatment.

At Pain Care, our physicians know that the most stubborn and troublesome conditions can’t be solved by writing someone a prescription and sending them away. As pain specialists, they take a comprehensive approach to care that revolves around understanding each patient’s specific conditions and then working toward a long-term pain management plan.

In addition to recommending conservative approaches to treatment, such as physical therapy and medication, we may also suggest minimally invasive procedures to address pain at the source. Our Atlanta, GA, physicians can perform procedures including but not limited to:

  • Epidural steroid injections, which can temporarily reduce nerve pain in the neck or back
  • Spinal cord stimulation, which can prevent pain signals from the arms, back, and legs from reaching the brain
  • Kyphoplasty, which can strengthen vertebrae that have been damaged through spinal compression fractures

If you’re ready to work with our comprehensive pain specialists, contact Pain Care today. No matter which of our convenient locations throughout the Atlanta, GA, area is closest to you, you can be sure that you’ll receive our usual compassionate, personalized care. We want to help you Regain Life, Restore Function, and Renew Hope.