Neck and Back Pain Treatment Provided for People Living in and Around Johns Creek, GA

Back Pain Johns Creek GANeck and back pain are all too common occurrences for people of all ages. In order to provide adequate and effective relief from these problems, it’s vital to first provide proper diagnosis, investigate the underlying causes, and understand all the symptoms involved. Taking the time to recognize each patient’s unique condition and needs are at the core of the patient-physician relationship at Pain Care. When they visit our Johns Creek, Georgia, location, or any of our offices throughout the area, our patients know that our highly qualified physicians will provide the individualized attention needed to find lasting, meaningful relief from neck and/or back pain.

For some patients, neck or back pain is a short-lived occurrence that happens due to a muscle strain or other temporary condition. Although we can help with these issues, Pain Care’s physicians truly specialize in treating chronic pain issues, including those that affect the spine, such as bulging and herniated discs, facet joint damage, and degenerative disc disease. Any of these conditions can place pressure on the nerve roots that branch out from the spine to the rest of the body, meaning that they can cause localized pain, as well as traveling symptoms that affect the extremities as well. At Pain Care, we can address these symptoms for our Johns Creek neighbors by utilizing noninvasive methods like recommending lifestyle changes and prescribing medication, but we can also perform minimally invasive procedures as necessary.

Our physicians can complete the following procedures for neck and back pain treatment:

  • Kyphoplasty – a procedure that repairs spinal fractures and returns vertebrae to their original shape; it is often used in cases of cervical spine damage, including for people who have kyphosis
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy – a procedure that applies heat to an inflamed nerve within a facet joint, thereby interrupting pain signals
  • Epidural steroid injections – a nonsurgical procedure that involves injecting an anesthetic and steroid near an inflamed nerve to address neck or back pain
  • Spinal cord stimulation – a procedure used to treat severe cases of back pain by implanting a small device to interrupt pain signals travelling between the affected nerves and the brain

For more information about all our neck and back pain treatment options, contact Pain Care today. Whether you’re closer to our Johns Creek, GA, office or another of our locations, you can request an appointment using our online form or by calling us.