McDonough Back Pain Doctors

Back Doctor McDonough GAWorking with the right back doctor can make a world of difference when it comes to addressing pain and other symptoms – especially chronic pain that hasn’t responded to typical treatments. At Pain Care, each highly experienced and board-certified back doctor focuses specifically on treating pain. We know that back pain can be nebulous, and it’s often tough to pin down its exact underlying cause due to the complexity of the various structures in and around the spine. However, we are also completely committed to listening to our patients, carefully diagnosing their conditions, and working together to find an effective treatment plan. Anyone who is living with back pain is welcome to see a doctor at our location in McDonough, Georgia, or any of our other offices throughout the area.

Pain Care accepts patients who are seeking first-time treatment for back pain, as well as those who have already tried other treatment options, including surgery, without achieving a notable improvement in their symptoms. Often, through taking a well-rounded approach to care, which may include some of the state-of-the-art treatment options at our McDonough, GA, location, a doctor can find a way to mitigate back pain. Some of the recommendations that our doctors may give patients with back pain include:

  • Physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve functionality
  • Neck or back bracing to alleviate pressure on compressed nerve roots
  • Nerve block injections to disrupt pain signals to the brain
  • Minimally invasive surgery (such as a discectomy) to address the cause of pain at its source

To learn more about Pain Care and request an appointment with a back doctor, contact us today. We proudly serve people in and around McDonough, GA.